about amumekki...

a place for dreaming, emotional & spiritual sightseeing, feminine artistry and life filled landscapes – that is amumekki. 
in the early half of 2020 when we were all caught in the stillness of lockdown, i found myself painting these big, white fluffy clouds on a pink sky onto an old cd i saw lying around –  i’d been inspired by painted cds & vinyls that i had seen floating around on pinterest.
off a whim i posted this little cd & despite the minimal views it received (honestly, i think it might have been a maximum of 20) i had a lovely commenter ask if i sold these! with that seed planted in my mind, i began painting more & more of these landscape cds until i had the confidence to try a commission or two until i then the confidence to open up an etsy store a few months later. since then i have continued to paint commissions of wholesome memories for my wonderful clients, run workshops, began releasing painted apparel, and launched my own website! 
through this art medium, i am proud to have created a business that cares for this planet that we call home. by upcycling old belongings and shipping with fully recyclable materials, i am to always be devoted to being a planet pal. read more about my commitment to being environmentally conscious down below! 

about the artist...

hello, i’m amu (she / her)! ♊︎ ♎︎ ♓︎

i describe myself as a creative sapling! i like to dance across multiple mediums and make a whole world with my creative voice! taking inspiration from musical artists such as the 1975, mitski, jacob collier; the cinematic world of studio ghibli; and artists including tadeas podracky, monet, james tralie, and felicia chiao, i like to embody the feeling of all their artistry in their respective mediums & reflect this whole either in visual art or my own music. 

i’m currently in my last year of study at bath spa university on the commercial music course.

devoted to being a planet pal...

✧ art painted onto preloved materials to give them a second life 

✧ 100% recyclable packaging

✧ i hope that through my paintings i can capture the beauty & essence of mother nature and that through this, if one my paintings finds a home with u, then i can bring a bit of the outdoors indoors to act as a reminder of the wonderful nature that exists outside our homes. i hope that u feel inspired to bask under the sunlight and connect with her. 

shop policies:
✧ return & exchanges:

i do not accept returns & exchanges. 

✧ cancellations:

i accept cancellations within 48 hours of purchase. the buyer is responsible for making request within this timeframe. 

if you have any issues or requests please feel free to email me at [email protected] or fill out the form on the ‘contact me’ page.