commission info

✧ i only accept payment in full up front or 50/50: before i begin the commission & before the completed piece is sent to the client 

✧ please anticipate a two week period for the commissioned art to be in progress.

✧ my commissioned art is for personal use only, not intended for commercial use or resale.

✧ it is not my responsibility to hold on to a commission & preserve it for extended periods of time. 

✧ please provide compulsory reference images.

✧ any changes made to the brief that was initially agreed upon after i have made significant progress on the commission, will result in an additional charge depending on the amount of extra time spent. 

✧ please expect two ‘work in progress’ to be sent to you within the commission time frame for confirmation that you are happy with the progress being made. 

£20 – £50


pricing is unique to each commission & dependent upon the complexity of the brief given to me, cost of materials & the time spent creating the piece. whilst generally the price will fall within these two brackets, there may be exceptions for special cases in which i may price it higher due to finer details or requests outside of my typical work.

£60 – £100

music collaborations

are you a band? a solo artist? any type of creative? 

i’d love to work with you! it would be my honour to offer you a bespoke cd or vinyl to reflect your creative world by getting to know you and your practice. this collaboration offer includes:

✧ bespoke cd or vinyl – your choice!

✧ featured youtube video delving into the creative process that you and i go through in making your piece of amumekki art